So after doing Critical Mass with a couple of friends last week, it became clear to me that I really did need to replace the headlight on my pushy, and not just because The Man said so.

But damned if I'm buying another crap Road Toad, and damned if I'm paying good money for a few high-power LEDs in a fancy case. I don't need that shit, I have a soldering iron :) And the remnants of at least one Hello Kitty device ....

Here we see poor Hello Kitty in her little plastic house, thinking herself safe from harm. Silly Hello Kitty!!

Poor Hello Kitty. Her ears might get squashed!

Actually, that may be the least of her problems. 3 mm hole in the front to let light out. I don't know if that'll be enough, but it's as much as I'm willing to do, and these holes are really just pilots for the main mounting holes in the rear. This is the first time I've used that dremel drill press in anger - it's quite nifty, and I must henceforth find more projects like this one.

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!!

Anyway, that's the exciting bit. 2 high candlepower white LEDs and one low level red later:

The power of Kitty compels you!!

IS it bright enough to really be a useful headlight? Not really - I need to add somewhere to hold the battery anyway, so I might whip up a *real* torch from a 12V halogen and some PVC pipe. But damn it's cute :)