Because everyone needs a PC controlled cue-based motion control system in their living room, right?


The Golem is a popular figure of Jewish folklore. Details sometimes differ, but they are fundamentally automatons created by a rabbi or magician, and animated to do their creator's bidding, generally by use of a magic word. They have little to no actual power of thought or discretion, although the Golem of Prague, perhaps the most famous Golem, was said to have achieved a certain dumb independence. Regardless, the Golems are creatures like the broomsticks of the Sorceror's Apprentice - toiling without regard for consequence.

My GOLEM is a motion control system based closely on theatre automation systems I have known and (to greater or lesser degree) loved. It would be nice to think that I will one day get it to a point where it could run a professional show if I swapped the motors out for *real* motors, but that's not really the intent. It's a learning tool, really.

PC interface